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Koushal - 2023

Guidelines for Poster Competition

Bharatiya Vijnana Mandali, Andhra Pradesh trying to disseminate Indian Contributions to Science from ancient to modern. This KOUSHAL platform will appeal the students of the Andhra Pradesh State to pursuit Indian Contributions to Science. Here students will be exhibiting their views via poster competition which will be a great catalyst to know power of Indian leadership in the domain of science.

Posters are invited from class 8th & 9th Students


All the participants are hereby instructed to follow the rules and regulations as mentioned below Participants need to make sure that they are abide by all the rules and regulations.
  1. Size of the Poster: Half chart (22×15 inches) or (55.88×38.1cm)
   Note :-If the chart size 1 or 2 cm above or below no issue.
  2. Materials Allowed: card board/chart/cloth paper/or any ecofriendly materials,Natural colors, Sketches, Pencil, paper cuttings, etc.
  3. Prohibited materials: flex, vinyl, thermocol, etc., pollutants.
  4. Poster should reflect any one of the given themes.
  5. The language of explanation may be either in Telugu or English.
  6. The same poster should be carried to the district level competition.
  7. No Project type materials or kits allowed for presentation.


General themes:

  1. Life style environment (పర్యావరణహిత జీవన విధానం)
  2. Green energy for sustainable development (సుస్థిర అభివృద్ధి కొరకు హరిత శక్తి)

Contributions to Science (ICS) themes:

  1. ISROs Journey & Achievements @ 75 (ఇస్రో ప్రయాణం, సాధించిన విజయాలు)
  2. Dr YellapragadaSubbaRao Life History & Research (డాక్టర్ ఎల్లాప్రగడ సుబ్బారావు జీవిత చరిత్ర - పరిశోధనలు)

Structure of Poster Competition

Level 1: District Level Competition

Level 2: State Level Competition