* Koushal Registration Started! || Registration Closes on Nov-15-2021 || School Level Examination on Dec-08-2021 || District Competition on Dec-29-2021 || State Competition On Jan-05-2022 ||


Bharatiya Vijnana Mandali, is conducting KOUSHAL a Science talent test covering all Government/ Zilla Parishad Schools in Andhra Pradesh. KOUSHAL-2018 received huge response from students from every corner of the Andhra Pradesh. Keeping in view of the interest & scientific tempo of students we are planning to take this science movement this year also.


Koushal is a unique platform for school children, especially those who are from government schools to explore, learn and compete in the field of science. This is a flagship competitive program organized by Bharatiya Vijnana Mandali that delivers challenging experience and ignites the young minds of Andhra Pradesh. KOUSHAL encourages the children to reason critically, solve problems with team spirit and make them discover the Indian contribution to the world in the field of science and technology. Koushal mainly helps to boost confidence and enable the rural students of Andhra Pradesh to realize their optimum potential.


  • To create a platform to explore rural Talent and to encourage the best scientific minds.
  • To inculcate scientific tempo and to encourage them to take up research careers in science.
  • To instil sportive and competitive spirit among children.
  • To enlighten students on Indian Contribution in the field of Science and Technology.
  • To enlighten students on flagship programs of State& Central Govts on Water Conservation, Environmental Protection, Swachh Bharat & Organic farming.


Level 1: Preliminary Exam (Online)
  • A written test using digital devices ( Mobile / Tab / Laptop /Desktop)?will be conducted for students of classes 8th, 9th & 10th. The written test will be an open book exam with multiple choice questions on Mathematics, Science & Indian Contributions to science from their respective class (AP State Syllabus) for 60 Marks and Time will be 60 minutes.
  • Top three from each class from each school will get e-Certificate. School mark will be arrived clubbing marks of top rank students of 8th, 9th and 10th.?
Level 2: District Level Competition.
  • Top 36 Teams in a District will be called for District Competition.
  • Quiz will be conducted in two rounds (Preliminary & Final).
  • Cash Awards to Quiz Team at District Level: 1st : 6000/-, 2nd : 4500/-, 3rd : 3000/-
  • Top two teams in District will be allowed to participate in State Level Quiz.
Level 3: State Level Competition
  • Top Two teams selected in District level from each District shall be allowed for the State Level Koushal Competition.
  • Preliminary Round of Quiz will be conducted for all teams.
  • Final Quiz will be conducted for the top six teams selected from preliminary Round.
  • Top Three Teams will be given Cash Awards.
  • Cash Awards for Quiz Team: 1st: 12000/- 2nd: 9000/- 3rd: 6000/-, Three consolation awards: 3000 each.
  • The rules will be announced at the venue. It will be conducted using a projector.? The decision of the organizing team, quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
  • Quiz Competition will be conducted in two rounds: Preliminary Round and Final Round.


  • No registration fee. Registration through website www.bvmap.org site.


  • KOUSHAL competition is based on the State Board syllabus and 80% of the questions will be from Physical Science, Biological Science and Mathematics Textbooks of 8th,9th & 10th Standards. Remaining 20 % of the questions will be on ?Indian Contributions to Science?.


  • General Themes
  • Posters are invited from Class 9th? Students on following themes:? , Biodiversity.
    • Climate Change & Environment.
    • Water Conservation
  • Students will be called for uploading poster on above themes and around 36 Posters will be selected for presentation at District Level.? Cash awards will be given to Top six Posters.
  • Cash Awards District Level: 1st: 3000/- 2nd: 2000/- 3rd: 1000/-.
  • Top three posters at District Level will be allowed to participate in State Level Poster Competition. Again, Cash awards will be given to Top six Posters.
  • Cash Awards State Level: 1st: 5000/- 2nd: 3000/- 3rd: 2000/-, Three consolation awards: 1000 each.

Swatantrata Ka Amrut Mahotsav-Special Prizes for "Scientists" Role in Freedom Movement.

This year we are going to celebrate?the 75th year of our ?Swatantrata?, beginning 15th August 2021, the 75th ?Swatantrata Diwas?. On this occasion, Bharatiya Vijnana Mandali, Andhra Pradesh remembers all those fighters who fought a unique struggle in World history to get rid of the yoke of foreign rule, lock, stock and barrel. This fight was fought at multiple levels and fields. It was not only political, social, cultural and economic but also in fields as varied as Industry, arts, literature, medicine, science and technology. This KOUSHAL platform will appeal the students of the Andhra Pradesh State to pursuit and recognize the role of Scientists and Scientific Domain as an integral part of ?Swatantrata Sangram?. Here students will be exhibiting their views via poster competition which will be a great catalyst to know power an Indian leadership in the domain of science during colonial rule. For this competition 3 cash prizes will be given both at District & State Level.
  • Themes for Swatantrata Ka Amrut Mahotsav Poster Competition.
    • 1. Acharya JC Bose, his works and satyagraha against discrimination.
    • 2. Acharya Prafulla Chanda Ray contribution towards Swadesi Sciences.
    • 3. Indian Association for cultivation of science - Swadeshi movement.
    • 4. IISc it?s origin & contribution.
EFFORTS: In each district a team of 16 members which includes teachers, lecturers and science fraternity was formed. This team will look after campaigning, registration and conduction of district level event. For this purpose, WhatsApp group is created in which all the registered school coordinators are joined for sharing the information and raise queries if any. A group of technical students will also participate to campaign by visiting the schools and for widely spreading via. print and social media.
ABOUT ONLINE EXAM AND INTERNET FACILITY: This year KOUSHAL preliminary examination will be conducted using? online platforms. The registered students will be allowed to access the exam from his or her own device, namely, a smart phone(mobile), laptop, or desktop from their homes. All the students will appear for the examination through their own devices with internet connectivity from their home.
KAOUSHAL - 2021 : Advisors
Sl.No. Name Designation
1. Sri V China Veerbhadrudu Commissioner of School Education , AP
2. Dr D Nalini Mohan Member Secretary , AP Biodiversity Board
3. Dr B Pratap Reddy Director, SCERT
4. Prof Y Aparna Member Secretary , APCOST
5. Dr Y Srinivasa Rao Director , NSTL
6. Dr G Krishna Kumar Scientist G, NSTL
7. Prof K Ramjee Former VC
8. Dr GPS Murthy Chief Scientist, NIO
9. Sri K Dasapathi Rao Retd DyEO
State Coordinator
Sl.No. Name Designation Working Place Á Address Mobile Number District
1. D. Chandrasekhar SA (Mat) ZPHS VIZIANAGARAM 9493313271 Vizianagaram
Regional Coordinators (State Co-Coordinator)
Sl.No. Name Designation Working Place Á Address Mobile Number District
1. Pudi Venkata Prasad SA (PS) MPUP School, Annareddypalem, Vidavalur (M) 9963922087 Nellore
2. Aruna R SA (PS) ZPHS, Kanuru 9492835675 Krishna
3. K.V. Subba Reddy SA (BS) ZPHS, Chapirevula, Nandyala (M) 9492835675 Krishna
District Coordinators
Sl.No. Name Designation Working Place Á Address Mobile Number District
1. Y Rama Mohan Prasad SA GH School , Santhabommali 9491810157 Srikakulam
2. A Bhanu Prakash SA (PS) MPUPS M Kothavalasa,Bondapalli(M) 9441285052 Vizianagaram
3. M.P.Srinivasa Rao SA (Mat) St. Peter's Aided High School, Gnanapuram, Vskp 8341695333 Visakhapatnam Urban
4. P Ramayya LFL HM MPP School , Tadigiri , Hukumpeta Mandal 9491264726 Visakhapatnam
5. S Srinivasa Prasad SA (PS) ZPHS, Hukumpeta , Rajahmundry Rural 8919185491 East Godavari
6. R V Suryanarayana SA (PS) ZPHS, Iragavaram 9492566794 West Godavari
7. Ch B V Padma Vaji SA (BS) ZPHS , Gollanapalli 9908060478 Krishna
8. A Ravi Kumar SA (PS) ZPHS , Venkatapuram 9849627708 Guntur
9. T Ramesh SA (PS) ZPHS , Mangamuru DSO – Prakasam 9666955504 Prakasham
10. R.R.S Prasad SA (PS) ZPHS, Nidigunta Palem 9502607875 PSR Nellore
11. D. Dhanamjayulu SA (PS) ZPHS Aturu,Nindra(Mandal) 7032889880 Chittoor
12. K.V. Vijaya Mohana Reddy SA (PS) ZPHS Kalluru,Podduturu (Mandal) 9440507133 YSR Kadapa
13. S Rangamma SA (BS) ZPHS, Lakshmi Puram 8790111331 Kurnool
14. B Ramu SA (BS) ZPHS, Thaggupathi 9492328258 Anantapuram
State Academic Team
Sl.No. Name Designation Working Place Á Address Mobile Number District
1. TSVS Suryanarayana Murthy SA (Mat) ZPHS , Amalapuram 9989027829 East Godavari
2. K Ananda Bhaskara Reddy SA (PS) District Science Officer,Ananthapuram 9441823923 Ananthapuram
3. GVBSN Raju SA (Mat) MCHS , Kaspa 9490026834 Vizianagaram
4. K Bala Subrahmanyam Lecturer in Physics DIET , Dubacharla 9440854489 West Godavari
5. D V Subba Naidu SA (PS) ZPHS , Tallamapuram 6303676181 YSR Kadapa
6. A.Punnayya SA (BS) M.C.High School,Balaga, Hudcocolony, Srikakulam 9491326592 Srikakulam
7. V. Kumarbabu SA ZPHS, I. Kothapeta 9491342263 Kurnool
8. P L Phani Kumar SA (SS) ZPHS Hukumpeta,Rajahmundry(Rural) 9908600998 East Godavari
9. P. Satish Kumar SA ZPHS, Ibrahimpatnam 8143884811 Krishna
10. P Umesh Kumar SA (PS) ZPHS , Buditi 9491568233 Srikakulam
11. S.V. Madhubabu SA (PS) A.V.N.M.C. High School, Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam 9441050024 Srikakulam
12. Y. Raveendra SA (BS) SVG ZP HighSchool,Marteru,Penumantra 9989454749 West Godavari
13. Satyavolu Srinivas SA (PS) ZP HS, Sarpavaram, Kakinada Rural 8179518749 East Godavri